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BlackBerry PlayBook: First Impressions

Professional Tablet PC

I had a chance to play around with the new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet from RIM. My first impressions were that, although it didn’t seem impressive with its form factor size being smaller compared to the iPad and others, it did have the potential of tapping into the professional market. A host of tablets being released are centred around the leisurely activities of consumers -their entertainment needs. The BlackBerry PlayBook appeals to the the professional business field where office tasks take priority.

Smaller Size

RIM has kept the PlayBook at a price range slightly lower than the iPad, $499 CDN. Given its petite size, I was given to the thought that RIM had to compromise between size and cost. They, in my opinion, chose to reduce the cost over having a larger form factor size. As for the user interface, it didn’t seem all that impressive to me. It lacks set-top buttons, which is a good thing, but the inefficient scroll of the finger from down to up across the screen is meant to be similar to the home button of the iPad where one exits the present application. This didn’t appeal to me at all. I prefer a simple one touch restore of the previous application.

Bottom-line: If you’re a BlackBerry fan, this is the tablet for you. It offers a robust business experience meant for the professional at a reasonable cost. If you prefer a larger form factor size and a more engaging user interface, this probably isn’t the right tablet PC for you.

Rating: 3.5/5


One reply on “BlackBerry PlayBook: First Impressions”

blackberry is popular for its OS they are making one of the most secure OS in the world , the communication among blackberry devices are encrypted ,i guess they are way back in tablets mummification the product is good but small and the OS its pretty annoying.

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