IT Needs for Medical Offices and Clinics

Medical clinics and doctor offices usually have a simplified IT infrastructure model as compared to businesses. The needs of a medical clinic and office revolve around the issues of redundancy, in terms of backup, and the health of the hardware and software of the computers. In addition to this, many clinics and offices use specialized […]


Twitter For Business?

After Facebook, Twitter has become one of the most widely used social networking site in the world. Placing mini blogs, or short status updates, that contain a message within 140 characters makes Twitter a unique tool for conveying messages to large populations, especially for businesses. So is the investment of time and effort worth it […]


The Windows Saga

In a Time Long, Long Ago… Microsoft Windows debuted in November of 1985. It didn’t garner much support or fanfare as it lacked features and was mostly an extension of the MS-DOS operating system. Since then, Windows has grown in popularity and has eventually become the dominant operating system in the world. With all its […]