Twitter For Business?

After Facebook, Twitter has become one of the most widely used social networking site in the world. Placing mini blogs, or short status updates, that contain a message within 140 characters makes Twitter a unique tool for conveying messages to large populations, especially for businesses. So is the investment of time and effort worth it when it comes for businesses to use Twitter as an advertising tool or as a update channel? Let’s see…

Twitter VS Facebook

Facebook has established itself as the king of the hill when it comes to social networking. Businesses can have their business pages created and invite people to join them. These pages are generally “liked” (a like button that shows you and how many people like the page) by people seeing it from others or searching for them. They show a presence of the company in the Facebook community. Businesses can update their statuses and post videos, pictures, etc. to their page wall. This will be distributed to the walls of the people who have “liked” the page. This is an effective tool for communication and advertising.

Twitter uses the simple purpose of a short status update, within 140 characters, and conveys it to the wall (like Facebook) of the subscribers. You can choose to make your “tweets” (status updates) viewable to all or private. Businesses would probably choose the non-private option as it allows anybody to subscribe to the tweets and get the message updates, thus reaching the most people. The hard part in making an account for your business is getting people to subscribe. The number one way to make people sign on to your tweets is to become an active Twitter community member. This means that you interact with other members by sending them messages on their wall and letting people know that your active and not just a spammer. Another way to get people to subscribe is my following others. The more people you follow, the more will follow you in turn.

Special Advertising

If your company is interested in paid advertising, Twitter can be a great tool to reach the populous that you want targeted. Twitter offers something called “Promoted Tweets”. These are regular tweets that advertisers have paid to show up at the top of search results and hash tag topics (topics being discussed with a certain word tag). Promoted tweets are clearly labelled “Promoted”, yet they are treated like regular tweets. When Microsoft, for example, released Internet Explorer 9 and promoted its tweets in the Twitter world regarding the release of IE 9 its tweets regarding the web browser would show up in technology topics as well as in the Trends section. The Trends section in Twitter displays the topics that are currently a hot topic in the Twitter domain.

Twitter for Celebrities

Twitter has become a favourite amongst celebrities that communicate directly with their fans. Since many of these celebrities have millions of followers, it’s all the more becoming of paying these celebrities a lot of money to advertise your product or service by mentioning it in one of their tweets. For example, Kim Kardashian gets paid $20 000 per tweet if she is to mention a product or service by one of the advertisers. This is great advertising as stars have a heavy influence on fans and followers.

If your business can maintain its tweets stature, then Twitter is an profound place to advertise and keep in touch with your client base. However, if the routine of constantly updating statuses and keeping in touch with your followers is a daunting task, then Twitter may not be the best place to promote your business.


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