Managed Services for Medical Centres

IT Support System

Medical clinics running on IT infrastructure need certain support systems that can allow them to run more efficiently and reliably. Managed services, as offered by Soulistech, help ensure that the medical centre is being monitored 24/7 and that backups are taking place, not only locally, but remotely as well.

Remote Monitoring

When a full-time IT person cannot be hired, Remote Monitoring is the next best thing. This managed service monitors the computer systems of the clinic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It checks for system vitals and among other things for hard drive failure, low memory, updated antivirus, etc. As soon as there is a problem with any one of your computer’s services, Soulistech is notified and we can resolve the problem either remotely or through an on-site visit. Most managed service plans come with free antivirus and firewall solutions. This is great for medical centres on a budget, as they would not need to buy a separate antivirus solution every year.

Since the checks happen around the clock, it is quite possible that a problem can be detected before the clinic opens and therefore resolved in time for patients to check in the next day. Most of the time, Soulistech is notified of a problem before the clinic becomes aware of it and therefore speedy resolution of the problem can be carried out. Reporting can also be done daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. These reports are free and can be delivered on a certain schedule. The reports indicate the availability of systems and services on the network as well as an executive summary of usage of computer vitals and services, such as CPU usage over time.

Backup Monitoring

Many, many organizations loose their data daily and have no backup plan in place to recover from the loss. This managed service of having a local and a remote backup plan is vital and crucial to all medical clinics, whether with EMR/EHR or not. Hard drives have a mean failure rate of 4 years and the longer the hard drive with the patient data runs, the more likely it is to fail. Backup monitoring not only backups up locally and remotely, but monitors the backups around the clock. This ensures that Soulistech is notified if a backup has been missed for any reason.

One of my personal experiences has been that a walk-in clinic lost their main computer with the patient scheduling data in it. When I asked for the backup, they gave me a file that was more than two years old! They had been backing up to the wrong destination, thinking that the actual backup was being done on their USB drive. Luckily I was able to extract data from the downed hard disk and restore it.

It just goes to show that backup is extremely necessary. Most clinics have local backup, but remote or off-site is equally needed to help data loss from fire or theft.

Benefits of MSPs with Soulistech

Clients who sign-on with both a Remote Monitoring plan and a Backup Monitoring plan are entered into a Partner program where they receive discounts in pricing. This helps clinics signed-on for both Remote Monitoring and Backup Monitoring get significant discount off of services.


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