Poor IT Service At The Hands of Retail Giants

This news report shows why people benefit from coming to computer repair and IT services at Soulistech, as opposed to going to the money grabbers at other major retail repair shops such as Best Buy and Staples.  Channel 3, KCRA performed a simple test to see the effectiveness of computer repair services at these major chains. They used their own IT consultant to produce a simple hardware problem by turning of the hard drive from the BIOS, which gave a disk not present error. Then the team took the computer to three major retail computer shops, namely Best Buy, Staples, and Circuit City, and reported on the results of their service.

The results proved the inefficiencies of these major retailers in repairing simple computer problems and should thus be an eye-opener to everyone of why you should bring your computer to Soulistech Computer Repair, instead of taking it to useless chain stores.

To display the channel 3 team’s results, Best Buy got a D grade for poor customer service and for not solving the actual problem. Circuit City got an F grade for losing all the data on the hard drive and for charging for a repair that was totally irrelevant to the problem; and Staples got a B for finding the actual problem, but misdiagnosing it first and charging for it, which they later returned.


4 replies on “Poor IT Service At The Hands of Retail Giants”

I’m sure many of you have experienced this. This is so typical of the “computer superstores”. The real problem is they are simply not willing to hire experienced and qualified computer technicians. Has this happened to you?

I’ve worked for 2 big box electronics stores. I can tell you that neither of them had sufficient computer technicians, but rather computer services salesmen. It’s sad that most consumers don’t know any better and still go to these places for proper computer services.

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