Internet as Critical as Food and Shelter

Cisco Study Finds Internet as Crucial

A Cisco survey of college students and young professionals has found that respondents indicate that the Internet is as crucial to them as food, shelter, and even air. The second of its annual Connected World Technology Report underscores the importance that the Internet serves for a generation that hasn’t been without the connectivity of the Internet. The report found that a full one-third believe the Internet is as critical to their lives as food, water, shelter and air. Also, another half said that it was “pretty close” to that level of importance.

Cannot Live Without

Interesting to note that 55% of respondents said that they could not live without the Internet and 64% said that they would choose the Internet over having a car. Scott Gainey, director of product marketing for Mobility Solutions at Cisco, said the company chose this particular demographic for the survey to help companies gain insight into the future of work. “What do companies need to be ready for?” he said. “They need to prepare for not just the technology shift but the attitude shift as well.”

Pencil and paper, as written about before on this site, were the dictators of communication. Information and technology has changed the landscape of communication and productivity is synonymous with the Internet. When the Internet shuts down, so does productivity and the modern workplace has to reflect that. Colleges and universities are still somewhat lagging behind in using the Internet and telecommunication resources to their fullest. This report surveyed college students as well and indicates that much of the course curriculum should be Internet based.

Cyber Socialism

It’s important to note  that the workplace and the classroom only reflect a growing trend that runs as an undercurrent which is social media. For respondents the Internet is more important than dating, going out with friends or listening to music — at least for 40 percent of the survey respondents. This number says a lot about the human being a “social animal”. Does this mean in the future we would not need to verbally speak to each other? Who knows?

Other Findings

  • Many respondents cite a mobile device as “the most important technology” in their lives
  • Seven of 10 employees have “friended” their managers and coworkers on Facebook
  • Two of five students have not bought a physical book (except textbooks) in two years
  • Most respondents have a Facebook account and check it at least once a day

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