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iPad 3 (3rd Generation, 2012)


After reinventing the tablet, Apple always has to redefine the product. In this case, they implanted a high resolution screen, also known as the Retina display, which makes the individual pixels unnoticeable to the naked eye. The form factor is pretty much the same as the iPad 2, with a sleek back and thin case that is also able to use the smart cover designs from the generation before. I have always loved Apple’s screen size, which is at 9.7 inches, because it fits perfectly the size of a 9.7 inch notebook. I often wonder if Apple selected this size based on the book type of feel that they wanted in making a tablet. There still aren’t any USB ports, but there are adapters that one can order that allow for USB, SD, and HDMI mounting.

The battery has almost doubled in size to compensate for the higher resolution screen, and it does get a bit warm from the back when processing certain applications such as YouTube videos or graphics intense games. The home button is there as usual, and nothing too different from the iPad 2. Although it is about a millimetre thicker as well.

Overall Design

The design carries over from its predecessor, the iPad 2. The smooth and curvy feel is the same, although it’s almost unnoticeable to distinguish the difference between this iPad and the iPad 2. The weight is slightly more as compared to the iPad 2. Being able to fit the highest resolution screen on a mobile device that packs a larger battery, is quite a feat in design and engineering. Considering the absence of Steve Jobs, the New iPad (3) is an amazing tablet in overall design.


Apple’s famous intuitive UI seems to prevail once again. The addition of iBooks 2 and iTunes U make for a great learning distribution environment. The gestures work like before, although there are a number of gestures and quick tricks that aren’t well known or publicized, i.e. the shaking of the iPad for many apps that clears the screen. The Safari browser works great and so does the e-mail function. The integration of iCloud is something to look to in the future as more and more content is shifted from local storage to cloud storage. The App Store continues to grow and there are literally a plethora of apps now which make the whole user experience much better.


For me, moving to the New iPad (3) was an upgrade, not a new product unlike what we had seen with the first iPad and the iPad 2. I still admire the beauty of design of the new iPad and am very satisfied with the screen being awesome. The increase in weight, thickness, and heat does make it harder to accept the New iPad as something revolutionary, but the iPad is still the best bet in battery life, ease of use, and stylish design.

Rating: 4/5


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