Moods of Technology

The various moods of technology, and how to deal with them.

How does technology treat you?

If you’re somewhat handicapped with technological devices, you may have noticed that technology has certain identifiable moods when it comes to working with you. The moods sometimes help you make everything right, while some may get under your skin and play devil’s advocate to every keystroke and mouse-click you perform. I hope to peruse through the various possible moods that one may experience when dealing with technology and how one can turn those moody devices into one’s favour.

The irritating, non-sensical error

So you’re working on an important document and in all certainty everything seems alright in the virtual underpinnings of your computer. You press save and you get “Your system is running low on resources. Please close all other programs.” What?! Makes no sense, you only have a spreadsheet program open and your web browser in the background, how could you all of sudden be low on system resources? This is the mood where technology sees irritation as a means to vent its despised subordination to you.

What you need to do in this situation is not react to the error message, but rather think of a plan to circumvent such a moody technology that gives such errors. The best way to do this is to start afresh – restart the computer and don’t run any application other than the one you need. Restarting the computer is a fundamental troubleshooting technique that solves 90% of all computer problems.

I’m right here, but not quite

It’s a common occurrence… you need to press Next to go to the next screen or webpage but the button is greyed out. The button is there, you can see it, but you just can’t click it! Frustrating as it already is trying to use the computer to perform something, now you have to deal with the computer problem that just simply annoys you. This is the computer acting up in defiance of what it sees as ‘misuse’ of its ornaments. It could give you an error message when you click Next or it can give you something like the one discussed above, but no… it wants to tease you. It wants to show you that it knows what you’re doing, but doesn’t want to play along.

Luckily, there’s relief at hand. When this semi-invisible me attitude is presented, simply read over any options on the screen and make sure all of the right options are checked off. Sometimes, a plug-in or a software element is missing and by installing that the greyed-out Next button will appear in full colours!

I’m too slow, help me!

Everyone has experienced this problem. No, it’s not an error message (but can be) or a defect, it’s the computer system configuration itself. AKA Ol’ PC syndrome. The computer that used to be lightening fast and was 10 clicks ahead of all the machines being sold at the local computer store is now… dying. It hasn’t given up totally, but you can tell that the system is farting along. Should we hold up the crucifix and prepare for it’s good-bye moment? Certainly not. If your computer is still young (within 3 years of manufacture) it can be revived and brought to speedy life again. The goal here to get rid of any software that is not needed, as well as getting rid of all malware and viruses. There are plenty of tools out there, including some websites that say they can fix it all for you but I would stay clear of those because they may install certain things that are not needed. CCleaner is free and very useful tool to clear up junk and make the computer fast again.