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Is Google Taking Over the World?

Is Google Taking Over The World?

World Domination?

As the world turns, so does Google. Google may be out there to conquer the world, but much of it has already been conquered by it. The motto of Google “Don’t be Evil” is slowly falling out of place. Clearly a company as successful as Google must move beyond being a search engine to compete in the often crowded tech space, but to hold a dominance in almost every major tech sector is a bit too much. To put into proper perspective the extent of Google’s span of might, the following shows the different fields in which Google is involved in.

TV Being Next?

Google is now active in areas such as: TV, Internet, phones, productivity, and maps. To discuss this at length, let’s see what Google has done in each of these areas starting with TV. A report came out last year that Google is getting into the cable TV industry, and having conquered web streaming video, Google now wants to compete with telecom giants like Verizon. Google’s Chromecast dongle, that allows you to stream web video to your TV, is certainly a preliminary attempt to get into the cable TV industry. Google’s fibre-optic Internet service is another way into the crowded TV sector market. How? Well, by having a direct cable line to the house, Google can stream more than just an Internet data as it will allow for possible entrances into fiber-optic TV and possibly the home phone market as well.

Internet Down Already

The biggest base for Google is the Internet sector. There, Google has fortified the most popular search engine in the world and has made some key advancements in e-mail, web apps, and social networking. Search for Google is what made it become a household phenomenon. “Google” is also recognized word in the Oxford dictionary since 2006 and has been, and still is, part of the popular phrase “… Google it”. Google’s search engine is not limited to websites alone as it has successfully made available images, books, and news. Another reason Google became so popular was it’s free Gmail for Internet e-mailing. Googled launched the Gmail service in 2004 and has quickly become the  most widely used email service by boasting nearly 425 million active users worldwide.

Mobile Platforms

An amazing growth for Google’s mobile OS platform, Android, has taken place after the rise and subsequent decline of iOS. Android was tailored for multiple phones on the basis that the OS is subject to open source treatment by phone makers. Hence, mobile phone makers such as Samsung have used the Android OS to propel their phone sales and have been largely successful against Apple’s iOS. At the time of writing this blog, Android has had an amazing 900 million activations. The Android OS is so successful that there are plans to bring it to the desktop environment as well. Suffice it to say that Google definitely know how to talk.


Google Head Quarters
Google Head Quarters

Another area of domination for Google is productivity. Microsoft has been the reigning champ for more than a decade, but cloud technologies, such as Google’s Drive, are catching up and are allowing collaborative features to empower users and their organizations. This is something Microsoft has had a bit of a problem with, as their word processor, Microsoft Word, is not Internet friendly. Google has pounced on the occasion and is trying to steal much of Microsoft’s market. With auto-saving and a free 15 GB cloud space, Google’s Drive is definitely a strong competitor in the office productivity software space.


Google Earth was a triumph when it debuted 2005 and was a pretty big hit by having all of the earth viewable from sattelite images. From that, I take it, Google Maps was introduced and was a direct competitor to MapQuest. Since then, the geographical mapping software has come up with ways that users can easily direct themselves to different destinations from almost anywhere in the world. A key ingredient to its success were features like public transit, bike, and other types of transportation that could farily accurately show the exact route and ETA. Google Maps has become the de facto mapping service and has created a large market on mobile devices. Interesting to note, Google bought the mapping technology from a company that was funded by the CIA. It is quite safe to say that Google has indeed conquered the world by making itself lord of all of the earth’s maps.

Invading Privacy

With super-invasive technologies that can scan your emails, calendars, and intents through your keyword searches, the future of Google looks quite bright. Mobile software such as Google Now bring that invasiveness a little bit more personal when it can calculate the time of arrival for purchases you made a couple of days ago. How? Well, Google can see your emails, filter out online purchases you have made, spot the delivery date, and then tell you if you can arrive home in time to receive the package because of possible rush on the 401 from work. All these technologies do make the world a more efficient and better place, but at the cost of our privacy. Google uses its might to sway markets and user influence towards what it sees as a more intelligent and advanced offering, but that means all of our communication aspects are being monitored. We use Google prototype products unknowingly by testing their beta software and are giving them valuable feedback at the cost of our private information.


So is Google taking over the world? I think if you read between the lines you can obtain your answer quite easily. Is that good for us? Perhaps, but most of us see it as giving away a little bit of privacy in return for more technology, which seems like a good idea. If you would like more information on this subject, please visit the below links that will offer more insight into this blog’s propositions.

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