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Treehouse Review

Treehouse Review
Treehouse Review


In this post Treehouse, an online learning website for computer programming, is going to be reviewed using the free two-week trial offered by it. It’s essential to know that learning is a big business now, especially online learning. It’s important to select the right program to aid your skill development as there are plenty of online learning platforms out there. What constitutes as a good learning school is composed of the factors: design of the website, learning content, and learning comprehension. In this case, Treehouse is rated as one of the better websites out there to learn coding from and it offers a very good platform for learning difficult methods of programming. Most people who sign up are usually looking to make a second career and learn how to make awesome apps that will take them to a better future. Treehouse is definitely making a conscious effort in trying to produce alumni that will be ‘job-ready’ when they are “done” their tracks. I put “done” in quotes because Treehouse continues to offer new learning con tent, almost daily, and can act as a guide for early developers for a very long time.

Overall Design

Most of the content is placed in video tutorials that take step-by-step approaches to discuss and show specific learning tasks, such as learning how to use selectors in CSS, in a user-friendly way. This method is rather easy to learn from because of nature of the videos that are usually comprehensible and easy to follow. The HTML course for beginners is really easy, not to say that it’s not worth it, but the teaching style in the videos are easy to follow and one can absorb a lot of the content and digest it in order to move on quickly. But when as one progresses, it does become a bit more challenging to keep up with the tutorials and one may find themselves frequently replaying videos in order to grasp the concepts. The videos are designed really well and they can be downloaded for offline learning. The website itself has design structures  that make you feel as if you’re strolling in an outdoor park, and each course is a track in that park that leads to programming skills. The actual layout of the website is easy to understand and navigate through. One of the better points of the website is that it comes with predefined “tracks” that are basically structured curriculum that you can move through and learn in a more organized way. There’s a library and a forum for extra learning and discussion on points you may not have understood.

Learning Comprehension

This part is the most important to me because  it is the crux of what really matters when you’re learning anything. It affirms that if you really understand the material being presented you can actually go on a text editor and start programming by yourself. In this case, with Treehouse, the comprehension level is strong and effective, but still lacks in you being able to write-up code in a formal fashion, as if getting it checked by a teacher. Perhaps one weakness in online learning overall is the lack of one-one-one tutoring and feedback. Absorbing the material is easy, but you may find yourself clueless when sitting in front of a text editor trying to program something. But, what I really liked about the delivery of the content was that the absorption rate is really high so you could watch a lesson and then actually go out there and alter website from templates by having strong knowledge of the language skills you just learned. This is a crucial part because when you can decode a website, you can go out there and code on top of that and learn from modifying the actual code. Having projects that can be marked and presented to one of the tutors on Treehouse would be an amazing asset to learning richly from this website, but there’s no indication of that yet.


Treehouse is a user-friendly learning experience for those who want to learn how to code. It embodies strong teaching methods and offers learning content that can enable you to become a strong programmer in months. The video tutorials are easy, and I may dare say “fun”, once you feel yourself understanding the material and putting it into practical use. Treehouse would definitely benefit from offering some sort of direct mentoring, but still offers a very strong curriculum.

Rating: 4/5