NativeScript Vue

Playing with NativeScript’s Playground

After finishing the NativeScript installation, you may be wondering “What’s next?”. Sure, you can go ahead and try building something, but before doing that you need a little primer on how NativeScript Vue works. As of this writing, there’s no book on NativeScript Vue. So what do you do? Simple. NativeScript has a Playground app that can be installed on iOS and Android devices and it syncs your code directly through a QR code. This feature is awesome and it can help you learn NativeScript Vue faster. My choice for going with NativeScript Vue as opposed to the others (Native Vue or Vue Native), was the community that surrounds it as well as tech such as the Playground that was developed for easily demoing code right away.

Playground App

You can install Playground on your device from here:

App Store:

Google Play:

Preview App

There’s another app that you’ll need to run apps off of your device and it’s called Preview.

Here’s the App Store link:

Google Play:

The Playground app scans the QR code and opens up the Preview app that in turn opens the app.


The purpose for the Playground is to quickly update your mobile device and see how the app runs. Now, the online code editor for the Playground is great (, but the detailed use of code is best left for VS Code when you’re building on node.js and need to test the app on a physical device. In node, a QR code is printed on the screen which you an scan in and preview the app.

Sample Apps

With Playground you can easily share apps you make with the QR code the is displayed. If you’re building apps for someone, you can send them the QR code and they can see the app on their device right away no matter where they live!

Moreover, there are sample apps on NativeScript’s website that you can preview. Here’s the link:


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