The spiritual dimension to technology

Something, only a few individuals have done, is relating a spiritual quest or dimension to material and technologically inclined creations. I believe the best products are products that come from within, deep from one’s psyche and connecting it to the soul. I believe, if we can harness spirituality for developing new products, we can get real far.

Steve Jobs noted once that he puts his spirit into his products. That explains how he was able to do what others couldn’t. Apple had in fact been labeled as a religion by a professor who stated that Apple fit all the criteria of a religion. Of course, I’m not calling people to treat tech companies as religions or sacred. Tech companies, by and large, are far from sainthood.

I’m referring to creations of software and hardware that satisfy an inner longing for something that is intuitive and has some meaning other than the purpose for which it was created. For example, Dyson vacuums is another company that has innovated beyond most companies in the vacuum industry. True, their products are expensive and are considered premium cleaning devices, but the story of the founder, Dyson, is indicative of him putting his all into it. Your products have to have a meaning, a belonging and a purpose that extends beyond the realm of sight.

You see, our minds are deeply connected to the soul. Some say the mind is the soul. Whatever you believe, one thing stands true and that is average products will not have a great impact. Products that are sublime will always win over.

What do you think? Have you reflected spiritually on how you use and incorporate tech into your life? How would you create your dream product? Just a few questions to help you get motivated to bring something great into this universe.

To conclude. one can embed their soul into their products through utmost intent of a high order. Try meditating before you start to code or engineer stuff. How tech is your soul, or is your Soulistech?


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