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Dcoderr: Premium API Marketplace

You wanna build that app, but don’t have the know-how to implement the right NLP, or you wanna create a service and don’t have the right data? There’s a magic word for you – API. An API is a specialized software that can get all kinds of information to your system or user. For example, want to learn how to cook? There are food APIs out there that will give you the best recipe with over thousands of meal items straight to your app and you users can enjoy the blissful data experience. Dcoderr – – can help get you the right data by allowing you to choose your API. Need NLP processing or AI help for your app? Dcoderr has you covered. There are other marketplaces out there, but Dcoderr is special.

With Dcoderr you don’t pay any monthly plans or subscriptions. This is great because sometimes you may not use your API fully that month, so now you don’t have to pay extra as you only pay for how much you use. There’s one single tier for pricing. This means there’s no hassle for trying to use an API to reach certain limits and pay extra. There’s only one price for each API call, that’s it.

For API owners, there’s some benefits to using Dcoderr, such as putting up your API and take advantage of having your API discovered more with it being a new marketplace. You don’t have to do extra work and plan out your tiered pricing, when one simple price is for all. One of the greatest benefits of Dcoderr is the incredible low commission rate of only 15%. Other marketplaces charge 20% and over! That’s almost taking an arm and leg off of you (not literally 😁). You earn far more with Dcoderr compared to the other API marketplaces.

For customers, it’s very easy to use Dcoderr. You simply pay for how much you use. If you had 30, 000 requests in a month at a rate of $0.001, you only pay for $30 for that month. Unlike other marketplaces, where they charge you $100/month even if you don’t use any of it.

To sign up for Dcoderr, you will need a Google account. We can’t wait to see where this marketplace goes from here. Definitely, they’re more about the developers in mind than the money!


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